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Caves Dweller

United States  

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My name is Iraila of Clan Torr, Keepers of The Lighthouse and Watchers on the Cliffs. I’m a Norn, but the computer wouldn’t recognize it!

The Shee came back after a few thousand years absence, and- during the celebration we held in their honor, mind!- must have hauled me and a couple of other creatures off to… where ever this is… One minute I’m enjoying a nice bottle of shee wine with friends, the next I’m in a lab with only my fishing spear and amulet!

If someone finds a white cloth / black and yellow feather robe and a headdress (it matches), please send me a message.

- Rascii

United States  

  8/18/2013  2

Entry 1

Day 1
Still hung over from last week’s party (curse my inability to rid alcohol from my system). I think I… Did that Shee convince me to sign a contract of some kind? Because I’m now a contestant on something called “Survivor”. And I have my fishing spear.

I very much hope this isn’t a death match.

This is one of those times I wish my “Alcohol->Starch” gene wasn’t in my reverse. In speaking of which, I suspect that my reverse might be why the computer failed to recognize me as a norn (see the attached log). Which I am. Our genetic structure may have changed a little over the last 5,000 years from The Six, but I’m certain it can’t have been that much.

… Just now I heard something moving outside my door. It’s a click-clack-Shhhhfff sound. Not mechanical, far too wet to be a normal sort of machine- Claws dragging a body? My door shouldn’t be locked right now, but does that mean it will open for everyone or just me? Whatever it is, it sounds injured. I’ll take my spear, just in case.

Torr the Second sharpen my wits.
Ian the Third carry my voice.
Zoel the Fifth strengthen my body.

Attachment 1/1 wrote:

© Empirical Enterprises IF245
“For great tea today and better tea tomorrow.”

Connecting to server…
> Success!

Connecting to mainframe.

Checking for updates…
> No updates found.
> Terminal checksum valid.

Connecting to database…
>Error: Unable to connect to database.

Running diagnostic…
> Database not found.
> Accessing backups…
> Latest backup 14.31.0018
> Restoring from backup…
> Success!

Please enter username and password, or type “new” to begin registration process.

Create new account? y/n
: y

Please insert DNA sample to begin registration process.

Thank you for your cooperation! Processing…
>Unable to find species match:
>>Abnormal Chromosome structure detected.

Please enter provisional species name.
: norn
>Error: DNA sample inconsistent with norn DNA.

Please enter provisional species name.
: Norn
>Error: DNA sample inconsistent with norn DNA.

Please enter provisional species name.
>Error: DNA sample inconsistent with norn DNA.

Please enter provisional species name.
: Albian Norn
>“Albian” has been added to the species directory.
> Generating moniker…

Moniker: 001-ERRO-G13H-77I8-KL62
Species: Albian
Sex: ♀
Mother: NMF
Father: NMF

Please enter name:
: Iraila of Torr
> Generating account…

Please create a password. Password must be at least 6 characters long and contain numbers, letters, and symbols.
: **********

Please retype password:
: **********

Welcome to the Aos Danann! Please enjoy your stay!

>/ldump terminal user:itorr

Log file for session created in use directory!


United States  


Entry 2

Day 1
It was gone by the time I opened my door. At first I didn’t see anything but drops of eye-searingly orange liquid forming a trail along the length of the corridor. Not what I expected, given the dragging I had heard.

A single drop of the orange substance landed on my head. I looked up.

The length of ceiling is covered in claw marks: two lines strait down the middle of the ceiling with a long smear of orange “blood” between them, dripping down on to the floor. The door on the the right side of the corridor has been peeled back at the top from the outside, creating a gap about a half-meter wide. From what I can see beyond this is where the trail starts- I believe the creature must have injured itself getting through the gap.

The trail disappears into an oversized, and uncovered, air vent above the left door.

Other observations:
-The door to my room is the only one in this corridor.
-My door has a palm scanner and an intercom-and-doorbell setup beside it. Pushing the intercom causes an alert to pop up on the terminal in my room. I think I’m the only one who can open the door.
-The door does not shut behind me. I will need to use the palm scanner.
-The orange blood does not mix with water and feels greasy.

I have searched my room thoroughly for anything I could use. There are bath and toilet goods in the bathroom, thank The Six, but other than that and and my bed dressings there’s nothing I can take. Everything else is part of the room. Seamlessly part of the room, as I can’t find any tool marks.


United States  


Entry 3

Day 1(?)
Do not eat the orange blood. I’ve spent the last few hours watching my room changing dimensions and colors. Everything is still pink-blue, but I can think strait, at least.

I’ve re-examined the mess in the corridor, and I’ve formed a new theory as to the nature of the creature, or at least its injuries: the blood-trail on the ceiling extends some distance beyond the damaged door.

My hunger is growing unbearable, so I will attempt to locate one of the terrariums.


United States  


Entry 4

Day 2
Today was… Eventful, to say the least. I am writing from the shuttle’s passenger compartment’s terminal, for reasons I will explain later in this entry.

While searching for food on the ship, I discovered a dimensional anomaly: Ever side-passage I’ve entered leads to the small shuttle bay. Stranger still, they all appear to connect to the same door. Attempts to open that door from the other side have been fruitless.

I decided to join the others on the planet’s surface. I planned to take extra precautions first, but our AI overmaster has sabotaged my efforts. Unintentionally, I hope, because a maintenance request for a “suite for space” produced a very different garment than I intended. The atmospheric conditions on the planet make it impractical, but I might find use for it later. The gift wrapping was a nice touch.

The planet has a breathable atmosphere, although hot. My shuttle landed on a small, rocky island in the middle of a desert oasis in a deep crater or chasm. There are three other island here, the largest of which is about 50 meters in diameter. There is lush native plant life and many schools of fish, although I am weary of eating any of it.

I’ll have to, unfortunately, as I likely won’t be returning to the Aos Danann in the next few days. After reading about the adventures of my fellow contestants, I was careful to activate the autopilot before takeoff. However, while I was distracted, five meter long centipede-like creature managed to sneak up on me. I managed to stab it what I assumed to be its head, only for it to suddenly break apart into independent segments! Each one was little more than a snapping, shark-toothed mouth on legs, and I quickly abandoned the cockpit and locked the door.

I have set up camp in a shallow cave halfway up the cliff. I have made a meal of water from the shuttle and the creature I killed. Roasted, it tasted like buttery lobster, and the shuttle’s medical equipment has detected no ill effects. I have saved the teeth and shells for later use.

Tomorrow, I will explore this area and try to contact the others.


United States  


Entry 5

Day ???
No more trying to re-route flight controls to this terminal. Thank The Six I managed to get everything working again! More or less, anyway. I may have accidentally lost some journal entries before transmitting them, and the calender has reset...

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