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Fred & Ethyl   C3DS Norn   evolnemesis | 2/8/2015  log in to like post  3

spritesChiChi Norns
The latest advanced CFF creatures... These are a test of some additional changes based on the CFF ChiChi genome, have the traits seen in the Evo Norns, (CFF 0.4) as well as a fixed instinct allowing them to properly see edible leaves as a possible secondary food source instead of inedible plants, also, anger suppression has been added the functions of their hunger overwhelmsion organ. Their breeding capability, like the 0.4s, probably needs some testing and tweaking still.

They also have new genes for individual drinking traits by variant. These will be chosen randomly for their offspring. I checked their variants before exporting them using the CAOS command line.
(to see a creature's variant, select a creature and then open the CAOS window and type: 'TARG NORN OUTV BVAR')

Fred is a variant 2 - He should get extra 'friendly' and a little sleepy when he gets drunk.
Ethyl is a variant 5 - She's a lightweight and should quickly pass out from a few drinks, getting tired and sleepy quickly.

Their base .gen and .gno file are included with the download so you can look at their genome, apply changes, or pop out mass numbers of eggs with the genetics kit.
evolnemesis | 2/11/2015  log in to like post

I've been investigating these and testing them while watching their hormones, and yeah, it seems that libido lowerer stays in them for a good amount of time... breeding is possible, but it could be a bit difficult... one of the main effects is that they take longer to get fertile, and females have less of their cycle when they are fertile, also males have to wait a few minutes between kisspops.

I did increase the half-life of this chemical pretty drastically, underestimating how long it stays, I think it needs tweaking back down somewhat... I will fix it for the Hardmans and Treehuggers. Thanks for the catch and helping me test them. This current set should be able to breed, but it will be fairly hard without aphrodisiacs or having them just push each other nonstop for a little while.
evolnemesis | 2/10/2015  log in to like post

Are you sure you were not at the set breeding or egg limit for that world?
These breed a little bit less prolifically than others and have to wait a couple of minutes instead of a couple of seconds between matings, but they definitely do breed and can keep up their populations from observations so far.

Remember also, that the limit includes other creatures in your world like ettins and grendels and their eggs too.
CeruleanSilver | 2/10/2015  log in to like post

So, I'm in about hour 4 of a run with 6 of these guys, and none of them are breeding. I even stuck them in the meso so they couldn't wander the ship and get too far away from one another. I also had earlier runs where no one was breeding, where I kept adding in a few here and there, and I got maybe one pregnancy with my own intervention. Thoughts?
evolnemesis | 2/9/2015  log in to like post  1

I had a party with a bunch of these norns and some yule booze... and I think it was a success... there was at least one norn who just started pushing on everyone, there was some unusual slapping going on, not sure if it was from someone crowding someone (maybe a lonely type looking for a hug), or from an angry type, or a combination of both... the rest all seemed to just stumble around and mostly get drowsy... (only about half of variants should show behavioral difference, the rest either pass out, get a little sleepy, or just stumble around for a while...)

One passed out pretty quick, I checked him and he was getting tiredness too from the booze, so he was a 'lightweight', and at least one of the norns kept going back for more booze and was doing stupid things like stumbling after those pig-things in the norn terrarium going 'push critter'... I'm guessing he was a happy one, he looked pretty happy anyway.
evolnemesis | 2/9/2015  log in to like post  1

Yeah, I'm not sure... didn't do anything with fear other than add it when they're suffocating (and if that were the case, they'd be low enough on oxygen to be in danger of death, and their fear would max all the way out and they'd start totally panicking nonstop until they either got more oxygen or died)... even the hunger overwhelmsion organ doesn't touch it. All I can think of is the fact that ChiChis are a little more skittish than other breeds.

Maybe these are just very good at dealing with excess anger, so they don't have it around to counteract fear as much? (That last is a bit of a stretch though...fear and anger don't counteract each other that fast, they do more of a slow contest, so fear would hang around for a while anyway even with anger)

If anyone else notices anything like this though, let me know.. I haven't had anyone else mention this to me, and they seem about the same as the base CFE chichis I started the experiment with as far as their fear tendency (I think Chichis have the cutest scared face btw...)
Dark | 2/9/2015  log in to like post

I decided to give Fred and Ethyl a try. They're still children right now, but the same thing seems to be going on with Ethyl as I had with the evonorns. Fred acts fine, but Ethyl is always frightened.

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