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Dark Banshee Grendels   C3DS   evolnemesis | 2/15/2015  log in to like post  4

typeGenetics Only
These are a genetic breed made based on the CFF Hardman Genome but with many changes specifically for Grendels, so they will act properly Grendel-like. This is not the official CFF Grendel conversion though, these were made mainly to give the new test CFF Hardmen a challenge, and these lived up to the task so well that I felt they deserve to be shared.

These are the most violent, fearless, and vicious, yet also intelligent, Grendels I have seen (then again, I rarely raised Grendels... Still, these have the 0.6 CFF edits, so they should be smart at least...) They have a mixture of Jungle and Banshee grendel instincts, along with a few new ones. They aren't very social, like most Grendels, but these should breed fine, with at most only a little verbal coaxing to push each other. They are pretty good at taking care of their emotions and will interact with more objects (in their own Grendelish way). I recommend getting them some Norn Plushies. They give these Grendels a great outlet for their violent tendencies when there are no Norns around to hit (the one pictured is enjoying a Bengal plushie).

These include an egg agent and genome files, and even have a unique lore back-story, which can be found the included readme file.
evolnemesis | 2/18/2015  log in to like post

Yeah, the males are a good bit more fertile than Norn males, I did that since none of their instincts really draw them to ever seek each other out or to hang out with each other besides the mating instinct, and that's only from sex drive, which they only get if they are already close to another of the opposite sex. Since they are typically not around each other as much, I wanted to make mating easier when they were. They do still have some reduction in breeding though, they still have the CFF 0.6 increase to libido lowerer halflife... so females aren't fertile as much, and males take a few more minutes to get fertile at youth and have to wait several minutes between matings.
CeruleanSilver | 2/17/2015  log in to like post  1

So that's why I kept finding norn eggs in their midst! These guys also have some very pretty color mutations as time goes on. They've also ended up being fairly prolific. -is drowning in gorgeous purpley blue grendels-
evolnemesis | 2/17/2015  log in to like post

One other tendency I gave these guys, they won't go home to lay eggs, but they will steal Norn eggs and take them home. They can't exactly tell the difference between eggs, but they are much more likely to be attracted to Norn eggs than others because Norn Eggs are the only ones that have 'Creature Egg' smell, letting the grendels find and navigate to them much better (the extra smell probably makes them a little more interesting too).
CeruleanSilver | 2/16/2015  log in to like post

No doubt about that, even with the crazy baby norns they're still way smarter then standard hardman adults just standing around stomping their feet all day. They've started spreading out a lot better then the other norns also, a couple have made it to the grendel terrarium since the meso had the dark banshees introduced.
evolnemesis | 2/16/2015  log in to like post

Yeah, since the game scripts make babies only hit for like 1/4 damage or something. I think only the Hardman genome has grendel aggression turned on before childhood. And of course, most Norns get fear from Grendels instead of wanting to seek them out if they are lonely, and having no fear of them, like Hardmen... They are definitely crazy Norns. These are still infinitely smarter than the basic ones though.
CeruleanSilver | 2/16/2015  log in to like post

I hatched a pair in a world with already adult hardman CFF norns, they started out at a tie when the grendels were babies, but when they got bigger they definitely kicked butt. I appreciate that while they are very aggressive, they still take good care of themselves.They're also heck of tough, the hardman had almost a counter offensive where all four of them were concentrating on a grendel, and he still didn't go down. This did make me think of a suggestion for the hardman though, as even little babies tried to fight the grendels. It might be better for the... survival, of the CFF baby norns if they weren't so set on smacking grendels right out of the egg (a losing battle 9 times out of 10). Their parents would have moved away from the banshees, and then a little baby hardman would hatch and go down to where the pair of banshees was and even while being hit to death would still follow the grendels around.
mea | 2/16/2015  log in to like post  2

Ooo.... I'm going to have to download & set up a world for these, they sound fun.

Actually I have been working on making that fighting arena room, but I'm having trouble finding a good texture for the statues that will be in the background. I've also been wondering if I should make it multi-level or just one floor... & if I should add stuff like ivy to the background to provide places to put patch plants or have special fruits & nuts drop from....
KittyTikara | 2/15/2015  log in to like post

It's one of the fighting Norns I've been working on for quite a while now. I've was inspired by the old Creatures Match page and decided to make the best killer around. They find slapping creatures to be fun, and I don't think they get tired while fighting. So they're quite deadly.

Your idea of team death matches sounds like fun! I think there was some talk of a fighting arena metaroom during CCSF last year, though I don't think it ever got anywhere. It'd be sort of neat to use your killers in the arena and stuff.
evolnemesis | 2/15/2015  log in to like post  1

Nice, yeah I didn't do much to make them more aggressive, they have pretty much the level of aggression the Hardmen have (other than liking to hit lots of random stuff more than hardmen). I probably could make them more killing machines, but I was going for ones that would hold out with the Hardmen and kind of have a war with them (I think they might be just a little more aggressive, probably because of the grendel nitrate and its effect on their brains to remove any care about hitting things they like).

What's the deal with that norn? I never tried to make super aggro guys before... I was thinking of an idea to make the most aggro creature, but have it able to recognize family and not attack them. This way, all you have to do is change mom&dad monikers in the gene editor before export, maybe change a color or appearance gene or two, and you can pop out teams of norns who will cooperate to murder the other team, and clash in big battles.
KittyTikara | 2/15/2015  log in to like post

One of my fighting Norns kill a Grendel of yours, this Norn here in fact. It wasn't a very fair match though, and your Grendels are holding their own against your Hardman Norns.

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