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Evo Norns 0.4   C3DS   evolnemesis | 2/4/2015  log in to like post  11

typeGenetics Only
These are a highly advanced breed of my own concoction... They have the very latest CFF genome (0.4), plus several additional changes to make them more interested in nature. They are also better at developing individual quirks and a bit better about finding alternative food sources. These are more independent than most Norns and like to explore.

Besides that, they have an improved sense of being full, so should not overeat too much, they have a small tweak to make them want to wait a while after mating, have some other more natural behaviors based on gizmos, and deal with homesickness better.

They should not starve while preoccupied with other drives, they can notice drowning and will react with fear to suffocation, 'yes' or 'no' by the Hand will affect their behavior as a tickle or slap, they should get into talking loops less and stare at each other less, they have a tendency to stick by parents when young and scatter from them when older, and more.
evolnemesis | 3/11/2016  log in to like post

Try these instead or the pair linked below... those are the official 1.0 version... These are an older kind of test version, they are missing much of the newer CFF fixes and they may also have low sex drive and need some help breeding.
Lurhstaap | 3/10/2016  log in to like post

Oh man, I can't wait to try these. Wish I could cross them into my Grendeltails somehow without causing massive genetic disaster.
evolnemesis | 5/8/2015  log in to like post

That problem is actually sprite related... Hatch both a male and female Magma Norn in your world (from their official egg agent), and then when these Evos age to the next step, their heads will fix themselves, and they will be okay for all new Norns after that...

The tiny floating head is caused by missing Magma Norn head sprites and bodydata, that haven't yet been unpacked and installed into the game. When these are missing, the game engine can use only the baby Magma Norn head sprite file, which the Evo egg glyph picture is in, as their head sprite... The floating is caused by the fact that it has no good body data for Magma Norns, so it doesn't know where to put the head. Hatching a couple of Magma Norns will unpack and install the files these Evos need to be able to look normal.

Also, I'd suggest you give this pair of Evos a try... they are more evolved with a newer genome, with some fixes and several more features. They also come with their genome file if you want to hatch more.
chirurg | 5/8/2015  log in to like post

There seems to be a glitch in them when they grow up, their heads don't grow with them, so they'll have adult bodies but little child heads floating way above the body
evolnemesis | 3/13/2015  log in to like post  1

Definitely looks like their tentative weak natural instincts are working out, gives them more quirky and realistic behaviors and enhances learning of alternate ways to fulfill needs... including them in all later CFF.
evolnemesis | 3/9/2015  log in to like post

Magma, Civet, Bengal, and Zebra.. gives them a nice mixture of spots, stripes, and pretty color transitions.
GrayDragonEmily | 3/8/2015  log in to like post

What sprites do these use?
evolnemesis | 2/5/2015  log in to like post

I think those updated scripts just make them not say their likes and dislikes so much, so they won't get in the 'eem like bibble' loops so easily, they shouldn't really affect friendliness other than removing that extra source of crowding when the loops are going off.

Yes, 'heard creatures speak' is inactive for them, since speaking is forced by the game engine for the most part anyway, having it active forces them to talk more and also causes kind of feedback loops where they get a compulsion to express over and over, or just sit in one spot looking at themselves, even above taking care of their drives. See this thread for details.
Missmysterics | 2/5/2015  log in to like post

I forgot that I only just installed the updated creaturedonetom scripts which might explain why they're a bit happier with each other.
(though I did think CFF had the "heard creatures speak" inactive?)
evolnemesis | 2/5/2015  log in to like post

Yes, the CFF drowning response gives them a little more resistance to drowning than most norns not only just because they can notice it now, but because their lactate reaction isn't broken anymore... Like in real animals and in C2, lactate builds up when they have low oxygen, and causes muscle burn, but also stores some energy, it provides a slight reserve helping them survive for a while on low oxygen, and converts back into pyruvate (the normal, more efficient short-term energy store) when there is oxygen... fear from suffocation comes pretty quick in them if lactate builds up too high (it causes a burning sensation in the lungs and feeling of suffocation) and they may max out fear and have panic attacks lasting even a little while afterwards if they came close to death.

That odd pacing behavior could have to do with some of the tweaks to traveling and interactions with norns to get them to not stare and bibble at each other as much, especially the extra bump to Evos to make them like just walking for its own sake more... I upped the boredom reduction from walking in this breed by a good amount, and CFF already have a trait to get more quickly bored of just hanging around other norns. (Try reducing the boredom reduction from the 'I am traveling' stim back down a little... I haven't tested that aspect of them much and it's not really part of CFF proper, I just added it as a kind of extra quirk of this breed... they should just really like walking, but these might like it a bit too much).

Evos also have a bunch of extra new but weak instincts no other CFF has, about natural things like playing with and/or eating plants, bugs, flowers, and critters as ways to reduce hunger, boredom, or loneliness. They have a slight reflex to want bolt when they are hit and a behavior making them want to take any eggs they pick up to a nest... These last two I added based on the Gizmo genome.

Other than all that, they are the same as Isis & Osiris, my last CFF's except they have a fix to their hungerly drive overwhelmsion organ that should make them not able to get preoccupied with homesickness to the point of starvation anymore, and they have a tweak to their fullness lobe making it a lot more effective at making them not overeat, and libido lowerer should last longer in them, making them individually a little less likely to just get into a breeding spree (though I'm not sure this change will really make them that much less capable of popping out eggs like crazy as it is yet).

If they are friendlier though, I think it might just be because they are in a good mood more of the time because they are good at fulfilling their needs and because they don't annoy each other when they talk.

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