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Setting Up Metarooms: Veridia   Games   Trell | 7/26/2013  log in to like post  6

Here's the first of a set of tutorials for anyone who doesn't extensively use metarooms, and needs a few pointers on how to set them up!

Now then, Veridia is a very lovely looking metaroom. It's so beautiful and green! But what's this? It's empty! Not only that, but the top two floors are entirely wood, and there's no walls preventing your precious creatures from falling off! We certainly don't want that now, do we?

Well, worry not! I've a few tips that'll have that forest fixed up in no time! But first, here's a list of a few things you'll need!

*Amai's Magic Words Core
*Magic Words Room Edits
*The Garden Box

Let's get started, shall we?

The first thing you want to do is go through and get rid of ALL the lifts and lift call buttons in the room. This is going to require a bit of CAOS, but it's not hard to do. Just press Ctrl-Shift-C to open up the Command Line, hover the Hand over a lift, and type "kill hots" minus the quotations. Do this on all the lifts and call buttons.
You may be thinking; "Darby, have you gone mad?!" but there is a very good reason for ousting these lifts. They're none too instinct friendly, I'm told. Furthermore, they haven't got CA links at all! You could just add some CA links, but I believe it's better to just replace them.

Next thing you need are some Elevines! Not only are they functional, but they look simply marvelous in Veridia~ You're going to need at least two sets of them -to replace both sets of lifts completely- or more, if you want more ways up to the higher levels.
Once you have your Elevines placed, you need to utilize the Magic Words Room Edits to add CA links.(I won't explain how to use CA links here, but the video in this post explains how to use them.) Link all the Elevines, and you're good to go!

If you don't fancy your little creatures falling to their doom of the edges of the upper levels, then you'll need some more Room Edits! If you've got the Magic Words Room Edits installed (I'll assume you have from the previous step), type "dmap" to see where you can set up barriers.
You'll notice that the little rails at the ends of the wooden platforms aren't really rails at all! Your creatures can walk right through them. To fix this, hover the hand to the right of the green line you wish to change and type "doorr 50" to prevent creatures from walking through. (No, the extra "r" in "doorr" isn't a typo. You need that.) If done right, the green line should turn yellow. Do this to all the lines you wish to make solid, and you're set! Your little darlings should be safe and sound on the upper floors.

Now for a little Garden Boxing! The upper two levels of Veridia are entirely made of wood, so you can't grow things. Luckily, Veridia is made almost entirely of trees, which is where the Garden Box comes in. Sure, you can use the Room Edits to change the properties of the upper level floors, but this way is more natural looking. (And customizable!)
Just take the Garden Box and add fruits and seeds and food all over the place! Make those trees laden with goodies to munch on!

I've noticed that the Garden Box foods tend to fall through the upper floors, which is frustrating because your creatures will congregate on the ground floor. Easy to fix though! All you have to do is type "doord 0" with your hand above the floor, and viola! Food will no longer fall through those walkways!

With that, your Veridia is set and ready to go!

Hope this helps! Next up for set up: Chione!


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