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Handish Wonderings: Import Export   Fanfiction   KittyTikara | 12/7/2014  log in to like post

Handish Wonderings Triptych: Import Export by Allekha. Part 2 of 3. (Submitted by Allekha for CCSF 2014.)

(Links to the other parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

I wonder, sometimes, where the norns go.

You know. When the elders are dragging their feet and the world's too full-up for the eggs to hatch, and you think, 'I'd like to put you in your own place to live out your life and let this place continue advancing', except sometimes in less kind terms, and a few moments later the norn goes away. And then when you want a norn again, it comes back, if there's room.

But where do they go?

Or when you want to send a norn to a friend - say, one that has an interesting mutation, or is good at eat and sleeping and breeding, what a rarity! - and you think for a moment and the norn goes away and is sent and comes back, usually. Or when you want to share one with anyone, really. Like when I got those colorful grendels that can breed, not just the genetics, but the actual creatures.

Where do they go?

Are they zipped up into little bits of information and sent via the Shee computer nework, somehow? Are they shoved along the same lines that let us Handish transmit our thoughts across Albias and Albias? Is there some kind of central - box, I guess you could say, where they all get sorted and people can retrieve any they're allowed to?

Where do they go?

I don't know. And it's not just this 'importing' and 'exporting' that's strange. Take the creatures that die - the poor things. Once you've finished carving up their gravestone and mourning over them, they float off into the sky. And up, and up, until you can't see them anymore. And they never come down. Why do they go away like that, defiant of gravity? Do they go for forever and ever, past the supposed moon and beyond the distant sun - is the cosmos full of dead creatures, drifting eternally from Albia? Okay, probably not.

It's a beautiful way to die, much better than that of those Handish whose creatures just go away, but where do they go?

I can't help but wonder every time one of my creatures passes away. Every time a creature blinks in or out of existence and carries on its life. Every time I lose one to 'import shock'. Even when I'm busy trying to save a sick norn, or encourage a stubborn one to rest, or poking around the genetics of one that never lived - I wonder.

Where do they go?

I asked the other Handish this, once, and got so many disparate responses, it was almost disappointing. "They go to a big recycling bin in the sky, where they get returned to the raw materials of Albia!" "I like to think of them as going to a heavenly place, where there is no disease and they all know how to push food." "Reincarnation, maybe?" "Perhaps it depends. Have you never seen the floating lemon? I think it's the ghost of norns that haven't yet moved on, but obviously some of them have." "Personally, I don't believe there's any particular afterlife, that they just disappear into nothingness."

Which means that no one knows the answer to my question - where do they go?

Perhaps no one ever will know it. Even if we Handish someday die - not that there's any sign of that coming, not that we can see - there's no guarantee that what happens to us is the same thing that happens to our creatures, or anything else for that matter. I'd like to think that their spirits end up happily, that perhaps their bodies do drift forever among the stars, little spaceships from this small disk-shaped world. I'd like to think I could see them again one day - not for all of the afterlife, but it would be a nice option to see my favorites again, feel them pull on my fingers and beg for a tickle.

I need to end this entry now, and tend the carrots, but I doubt I'll ever stop wondering, where it is that the norns go.


Updated by KittyTikara on 12/11/2014 - links.

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