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Welcome to the Banshee Ark webpage!

The Banshee Ark is a community project. Our aim is to create a new environment to which Docking Station can be docked, in case you don't have Creatures 3, but your ship could use some more space and fauna/flora, or maybe you would even want to raise some of the lesser loved species of the Creatures series, the maginificient Grendels.

All of the agent downloads can be found in the Github repository under "releases".
The github repository containing the agent releases can be found here. The latest releases are always on top.

If you feel adventurous and you think you would be able to contribute, you could also check out the github repository. The link to the repository can be found in the link bar at the top of this page or here.

The whole Banshee Ark team hopes you'll enjoy our contribution to the Creatures series!


Sprites by CosmiSynth, Jesseth and Cerulean.
Backgrounds by Uzag and CosmiSynth
Coding by Arnout and Pilla
Genetics by Cerulean
Music by Doringo

The Banshee Ark Team - 2017