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Typical Day in a Wolfling Run (Click to enlarge)
Typical Day in a Wolfling Run   Screenshots   Doringo | 2/7/2016  3 comments  3  log in to like post  2

Came back from a Wolfling Run to see two of my Norns had managed to get themselves stuck in an elevator platform, hovering in place and bobbing up and down slightly. It didn't help at all that their nametags had fused to form new names: 'JunHomi' and 'Jun'yani' (originally 'Jun'ya' and 'Homi')! [nlaugh]
Undertale Cookies (Click to enlarge)
Undertale Cookies   Screenshots   savannahs11 | 1/30/2016  comment  log in to like post  1

I think these prove that my transition from a decent person to complete Undertale trash is finished.
I Made a Thing (Click to enlarge)
I Made a Thing   Screenshots   savannahs11 | 1/30/2016  5 comments  5  log in to like post

Alphys approves.
Sans and the Norns (Click to enlarge)
Sans and the Norns   Screenshots   savannahs11 | 1/27/2016  2 comments  2  log in to like post

* they're good company out here, and they're good at making sure my hot dogs don't go to waste, but i really wish they'd get a room or something. seriously, they constantly kiss and rub their noses together in front of me. it's kind of disgusting. i also really wish they'd stop chewing on my skull while i'm sleeping. it's not a good feeling to wake up covered in drool, especially with what i've seen those two eating. ugh.

- Sans telling Toriel what he thinks of the Toxic Norns that hang out near his hot dog stand.
Toriel (Click to enlarge)
Toriel   Screenshots   savannahs11 | 1/26/2016  6 comments  6  log in to like post

So, I played Undertale last weekend. You can see from this picture where that took me.
Zonyatl Pod V1 (Alt. Zaharo) (Click to enlarge)
Zonyatl Pod V1 (Alt. Zaharo)   Screenshots   ChameleonSushi | 1/23/2016  4 comments  4  log in to like post  3

This is baby's first .BLK making adventure for me!

I felt it was finally time to give metaroom background-making and editing a shot! When I stumbled upon Zaharo, I thought it would be fun to make a personalized version based on a recently revamped world-build I've been working on for a very long time called Zonyatl. Right now, only the background reflects that, but I might take the time to do up the pumpkins, plants, and fish to match Zonyatlan life in the future.

(Special Note: Considering this was made for personal use/just for fun, I probably won't be putting any of this stuff up for download unless the original creator comes forward and tells me it's okay. Either way, I hope you enjoy the screenshots!)
Death of a Norn (Click to enlarge)
Death of a Norn   Screenshots   Dragoler | 12/19/2015  2 comments  2  log in to like post  1

I had been monitoring a creature for several hours, after going away and coming back I found this graph frozen at the point of her death.

I don't know what killed her, my best guess is that a bacterial infection destroyed her lungs, which had an interesting effect on her somewhat unusual biology.

I found it eerie and a bit humbling to see how quickly and suddenly she turned, a reminder of how fragile life really is.
... What? (Click to enlarge)
... What?   Screenshots   savannahs11 | 12/13/2015  6 comments  6  log in to like post  1

I was just setting up my world when I came across this abomination.
Annual Skeleton Convention (Click to enlarge)
Annual Skeleton Convention   Screenshots   c1anddsaddict | 12/12/2015  6 comments  6  log in to like post  4

This year, it was decided that the annual Skeleton Convention should be held in Neon, a rather un-originally named world. Papyrus and Sans, at least, are used to that sort of thing. And probably astonished that Zombor over there likes to take naps more often than Sans does.

Murphy has more competition than he's used to, with the unauthorized hot dog stand set up downstairs, but it seems nothing can quell his festive spirit.

Now all it needs is a few Boney Grendels...
The Meso Just Got Cooler (Click to enlarge)
The Meso Just Got Cooler   Screenshots   c1anddsaddict | 12/11/2015  2 comments  2  log in to like post  3

Alas, Papyrus here is a Garden Box decoration and not a spaghetti vendor.
Hot Dogs, Anyone? (Click to enlarge)
Hot Dogs, Anyone?   Screenshots   clohse | 12/6/2015  10 comments  10  log in to like post  6

So, mlohse and I have a project...
CC Chat Flashmob (Click to enlarge)
CC Chat Flashmob   Screenshots   Grendel_Man | 11/29/2015  1 comment  1  log in to like post  3

What a glorious occasion.
Uncomfy Lore-ish Error Message (Click to enlarge)
Uncomfy Lore-ish Error Message   Screenshots   ChameleonSushi | 11/11/2015  30 comments  30  log in to like post  2

"The game can only load in ancient Shee DNA, from the time when they left Albia. Any other DNA won't work."

Um?? Would you like to explain this cryptic and suspicious bit of error message, game? Please? O-O
Why? (Click to enlarge)
Why?   Screenshots   savannahs11 | 11/8/2015  comment  log in to like post  4

I think we can all agree that this is too many babies for three Norns left alone while I took a shower.
Sea Monster Spotted! (Click to enlarge)
Sea Monster Spotted!   Screenshots   Jodie | 11/6/2015  6 comments  6  log in to like post  1

I love the way it looks, creepy yet awesome. [nsmile]

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