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Llamas (Click to enlarge)
Llamas   Screenshots   Missmysterics | 3/14/2017  5 comments  5  log in to like post  4

I tried my hand at Uncyclopedia. It got deleted. Oh well I tried.
Leap of Faith (Click to enlarge)
Leap of Faith   Screenshots   savannahs11 | 3/13/2017  2 comments  2  log in to like post  3

Major just can't get a break today, can he?
Free Movement Pick-Up (Click to enlarge)
Free Movement Pick-Up   Screenshots   Arnout | 2/18/2017  3 comments  3  log in to like post

While trying to figure out how the Pick-Up agents in Creatures 3 work I noticed that there were some unused sprites and variables in the games' files. So, curious as I were, I added in an extra Pick-Up using one of the unused sprites and an unused variable (8), and this was the result. I really wonder what unlocking "Free Movement" was intended for in Creatures 3. Perhaps originally, the player had to unlock the ability to drag Norns to places?
Adorable, aren't they? (Click to enlarge)
Adorable, aren't they?   Screenshots   Arnout | 2/5/2017  2 comments  2  log in to like post  3

...When they're sleeping and not bullying Norns, that is.
The First Two Norns in Liberty (Click to enlarge)
The First Two Norns in Liberty   Screenshots   felinorn | 1/5/2017  2 comments  2  log in to like post  2

Here we have Fantastic Steel (ChiChi, male) and Moon Iron (Felinorn's Secret Norn, female). Moon Iron is an experimental breed made in EasyGMS.

The crop was upscaled to 800 pixels wide, for better viewing experience.
borg room test 1 (Click to enlarge)
borg room test 1   Screenshots   raimian | 12/23/2016  1 comment  1  log in to like post  1

first test of the borg meta-room
A Strange and Watery Garden (Click to enlarge)
A Strange and Watery Garden   Screenshots   Grendel_Man | 12/14/2016  1 comment  1  log in to like post  1

Trying to ease myself back into Creatures seems to be working out so far.
Doomsday... More like Cutesday (Click to enlarge)
Doomsday... More like Cutesday   Screenshots   Venithil | 12/1/2016  6 comments  6  log in to like post  3

"Banshee Norns are spirits formed from souls who died a violent dead. in such they're not easy to please. They are angred easily, hit the living without moral concern and play with even the vilest of creatures."

So you'd expect when I tried to introduce danger to my beforehand nurturing C3DS world, presence of those could really be a problem to the population, right? They were supposed to be my doomsday devices, to be part of what could significantly decrease the population of other Norns, angry loners that slap the stuffing out of their fluffy cousins until all that remains is a death pop-up!

... I got this instead.
The girl is liked by everyone, the guy bonds with people over napping together (the now old and grey-headed Wood Norn hybrid trusts him with babysitting her kid and napping with said child), and about the worst I can say about them is that they get angry easily and treat a slap like a greeting upon which it's all peaceful interaction. They're still fairly young so they might get more agressive with age, and only the girl got into a serious crowd, but I doubt many Norns will feel their wrath. It remains to be seen what happens with Grendels, but still. I presume this is how people felt when they discovered the truth behind C1 and C2 Grendels.
Thanksgiving in the Norngarden (Click to enlarge)
Thanksgiving in the Norngarden   Screenshots   c1anddsaddict | 11/15/2016  comment  log in to like post  3

I was in a festive mood, though it's a bit early for Xmas stuff, so I decided to try my hand at decorating for Thanksgiving.
Dragon Shaming (Click to enlarge)
Dragon Shaming   Screenshots   savannahs11 | 11/4/2016  3 comments  3  log in to like post

This is the last zombified survivor of my Ruin Dragon tester run, which crashed and burned after the population was moved up to the surface of the Ruined Expanse, AKA Chione's top level with some stuff added. The survivors were crowding around the Garden Box strawberries, which previously grew on the apple tree pictured. The Dragons were strangely attracted to them, crowding around the tree and feasting on them despite the fact that they actively gained punishment and toxins from it, and the strawberries had to be removed with the CAOS console. It was a disaster, and I noticed that the experimental flying Dragons seemed to be incapable of using the Elevines.
Madriel's Woes (Click to enlarge)
Madriel's Woes   Screenshots   Venithil | 11/4/2016  4 comments  4  log in to like post

She has roughly 11 hours left to live and those are her only two modus operandi, it seems.

Like, she's sometimes hungry and very occasionally bored, but most of the time it's one of these two.

Out of her 14 eggs, 7 were hatched, making her babies a third of the population.
Stupid Dragon (Click to enlarge)
Stupid Dragon   Screenshots   savannahs11 | 11/2/2016  5 comments  5  log in to like post  1

This Ruin Dragon has been eating the strawberries. Another example of how dumb some of them are. They gain punishment from eating what normal creatures eat, but this guy apparently decided to throw a munch.
Stardust Phoenix Icerunner (Click to enlarge)
Stardust Phoenix Icerunner   Screenshots   savannahs11 | 11/2/2016  2 comments  2  log in to like post  2

I actually managed to get this thing into the world. It's not doing much, though. It's just kind of bouncing around in the creator room. I haven't coded it yet. It's supposed to try to eat your Norns and possibly be able to operate the Elevines.
Family instincts in action (Click to enlarge)
Family instincts in action   Screenshots   Venithil | 11/2/2016  4 comments  4  log in to like post

Creatures 2 this time.
Those who managed to get a read-up on my breed know that I worked to makemy Norns have stronger family instincts, including not breeding with (or even in the presence of) parents/children and receiving benefits from the presence of relatives.

I think the young Norn in the middle is the strongest manifestation of my work that appeared so far in my playthrough. His name is Cernunnos, but I generally come up with joke names for him because he's an automatic cheer-up for his mother Boann, on the right. His father is also present and with both his parents in old age, it seems likely they'll live out their last hour happily with their child.

Regrettably, Cernunnos has a mutation that renders him unable to/uninterested in breeding, but that's also why I allowed him to be stuck with his senile parents. The smiles are worth it; the older Norns are over 10 hours old which usually translates to miserableness, but not here!
Folvys the smashed (Click to enlarge)
Folvys the smashed   Screenshots   Zurinsel13 | 11/2/2016  1 comment  1  log in to like post  1

As I told in my bibble before, those norns this blue fire norn from the jungle terrarium looks a bit smashed. While as the Fire norn I imported from Amanora's coloured ones looks normal.
Poor Folvys though!

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