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Sprite Error Ds    




The head Issue is now solved!
the agent i requested for was made by
Verm for me.
(called Bigger Sprite Allocation.agent).

Anyone know how to solve this?

This is how the error message shows up on my Win10
on Docking station.

But on my sisters Win8,it says this:

Runtime error in agent 3 4 1 (Norn egg) script 3 4 1 9 unique id 354833
CSE0001: Caught C-style structured exception at 0x0047ABF7

The thread attempted to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.
Attempt was to write to address 0x08F40000

Contained in: "public: virtual unsigned long thiscall CompressedBitmap::SaveData(class MemoryMappedFile & )" in CompressedBitmap.obj
Contained in: "private: void thiscall CreatureGallery:: Part3CreatureBuilder(class Gallery * const,unsigned long)" in CreatureGallery.obj
Contained in: "public: class Gallery * thiscall CreatureGallery::AddCompressedCreature(class std::basic_string<char,struct std::char_traits<char>,class std::allocator<char> >,unsigned long,unsigned long,unsigned char,unsigned char,long * const,class Gallery * const,long)" in CreatureGallery.obj
Contained in: "public: class Gallery * thiscall SharedGallery::CreateGallery(class std::basic_string<char,struct st

This happens when testing out a egg containing new head sprite.
The head has been tested out in different frame sizes,tried edit the att file,tried to re-locate the position of the heads place in the frame,tried shrink down the ears a bit of the front...

It's really strange. When you have the files placed (c16 in image,att into body data) ,it crash when trying to hatch or import the Norn with the new head sprite ingame - it gives that error as in the picture (Win10) or as the on in text format (win8 ).

But! if I remove my sprite & att file from docking station and hatch a Norn with the head apperance set on my new sprite (that will for the moment look like something else as I removed the files)
then quit and then put the files back again and start the game again,it seem to work fine,as long the Norn is allready in the world!

When using Norn pose on them,the head sprite looks fine and dosn't crash when going trough the numbers of poses.
I tried them all - front,back,left,right and trough EVERY single pose and no error! But as soon I try to hatch another one,or try import one even when those that look like working is wandering around,it crash.

I also tested to have a civet sprite base,all overwritten with my new sprites of the head,but only left scared and tired as civet,lead the game to work,but once put the rest of the last two expressions,it crash. It's very weird since scared and tired does not have any huge drastic changes in position to the others.

Start to suspect that the head sprite's max frame size might be 130 x 130 (Adult Grendel). Norns usualy is around 100x100,
but my front head is quite large,a bit larger than the adult Grendel's in fact...but hoped it wouldn't matter much about size of the sprite of the head. I tested various things now,as trying to resize the frame and adjust it,trying to shrink the head a bit etc.
Im clueless as to what to do.

I just want to finish my breeds head.
Everything else is pretty much done and it works...


United States  

  5/31/2018  2

Yeah, that error certainly looks like it's overflowing while trying to load the sprite. I could be wrong but I don't think it's your ATTs, though it's always worth quadruple-checking.

If that's true, it's likely less upset by the physical dimensions of the sprite and more upset by the filesize of it in RAM. I'd try making a blank sprite with the same dimensions and seeing how it felt about that to prove/disprove that idea. If that actually -worked- then I'd see about using more solid blocks of color in my actual sprite to take advantage of the C16 format's meager compression (long bars of the same color = smaller filesize), but that's a long shot, and may not be doable for you.

It's not unlikely that it would be handled slightly differently when initially loading vs. simply looking for the sprite from a loaded save that already exists, so the weird behavior in hatching vs. loading seems logical to me, if frustratingly arbitrary.

Barring everything else I'd slap it into a clean install because I don't entirely trust C3DS when it comes to weird breed sprite caching problems.

This is all just educated speculation though.



  5/31/2018  2

sorry if my bad english make me understand bad what you said but it can be because in a c16 file all the sprite have to be the exact same size, if one of your head is bigger than the other, all the other have to be smaller to let the bigger fit in the same texture size

PS: glad to not be the only one working on C3 breed in 2018 !



  5/31/2018  1

Thank you so much for your'e kind replies!

@Xan Hmm that do sound like it could be the issue indeed o.o
As for Docking Station,this one is kinda fresh, with some few agents downloaded
and no third party breeds installed.

@Papubuntu Thats fine,no worry about it :)
Yes I been looking trough the sprite files with my sister Norngirl.
and we saw that all Norn heads are 100 x 100,Grendel are on 130 x 130 on all
different heads: side,front and back + all expressions.
But there is few exceptions that do change head frame size for each is the C1tods
and the C2 converted to Ds. They do not keep same frame size for all heads.

We did try base it on Norn frame first,until we saw back and front head was too large.
My side heads fit in on the 100x100 mark,but the front and back is on a 159x107 frame (!)
and so,was even too large to fit into a 130x130 frame of the grendels.
So my sister came up with the idea to try shrink the ears a bit,and manage to make it more fit into the grendel frame at least,but still - it didn't work. Perhaps because it didn't strictly fit into where the grendel ears end.
Also indeed Papabuntu,
it's nice to see more breeds made :D
I started mine May 18
based on my own original creation.

UPDATE - GOOD NEWS! But Now Need a Agent maker...
I did come across some good news today thought!
Pilla suggested something that actually made the heads work now!
Pilla mentioned that the CA2DS bugfix agent
"increases the memory space that a Norn can occupy",
and so I asked my sis to try it out for me,and
surely it did work!

You can now have them imported,hatched and played around with no problems!
Dosn't matter if it is the original with 100x100 and front/back at 159x107 or
my sisters aletered all heads on 130x130 sprite! They all work great!
But I am going to stick to the original size as intended,as it's no problem anymore!
Thank you so much Pilla!!
I just wish that a similar agent could be made for me?
I rather want to have a similar agent but minus the "mirror" effect that the CA2DS add - I don't need it because my breed dosn't have blank left sides in my sprite files
and this would stop mirror the official breeds weirdly as well Spykkies pearlmaids.
Of course, credit to Dementchild,for being the original creator of that very agent who solved my issue!
I also know many seem to not like the Village Norns anyway,
so it would be nice to have a similar agent that I could have in my Breed pack
without having the hassle of getting that CA2DSbugfix agent
that is bundled with them. I don't feel ok with bundle his agent that was afterall meant for the CA2DS.
So simple put - agent alike his,but no mirroring and is aimed towards my breed.
(so it can still increase the size for all other breeds,not mine only,
like the CA2DS one allready does - allready thought,The CA2DS breeds are in Grendel slots and mine is not even in Grendel slot!

Now I only wonder if anyone would want to make this agent for me :/
Do I need to make a new topic for this to ask?
EDIT: NVM,Verms kindly made the agent.




rename it ! or post in dev forum, if you need any tips (art related principaly) just ask !
I like your breed ! very fluffy and ... seem plenty of sugar, want to make my carnivorous breed able to eat norn so they can tell me if it's truly candy norn ! your art work is realy cool, i just think that the male norn should have a different color (not necesary blue!) but an other color of pink more different than the actual could be awsome

PS: like the cute horns so much, can I put the same on my male to as a ";)" ?



 visit Norngirl's website: Norngirl's Temporary Storage

@Papubuntu -
Glad you like the male horns!
I added them on the male sprites -
as I (among the things) handle the male sprite by editing my sis lovely head sprites and remove the female eyelashes as well give the slight coloration to them. I asked if she was ok with more redpink than the fems regular pink ;3
So nope,sorry - theyre going to stay pink and (slight) redish pink.
But hey! You can allways have neat pigment colored ones,of course ;3

For me personaly ,Horns are so typical for male Norns
and a must to add!
Usualy,Male Norns who have lot of hair that cover a lot on theyre head (C2Pixie,C3Bengal,C3Bruins,CaPrimrose etc usualy have no horns visible (or they are simply hidden underneath the hair)

versus the more less hair to bald ones that do have theyre horns visible (C1Long-eared,C1Chocolate,hebbe,emerald,civet etc :D

Note: Long-eared is the C1 Banana Norn,as well C1 chocolate is what I refer to the ones other people may call as Horse Norn - I have my own preference of name for the C1 breeds I used to call them since I was a kid,because they didnthave any specific breed names back then,ha ha :P

Edit: Also glad the head issue is solved
(was too tired & forgot add it here)




@ Papubuntu
Thank you kindly!
Glad you like them! No theyre not candies,they are
based on my creation,FairyGemLove.
So theyre some kind of fairies. :)

Yes sorry - pink for females and a red hue pink is the males.
Since my creation is a female character this breed of Norns are based on,I let my sister handle the males. So we decide it was easier to make the males not to be too different,
but there will be few things added that is bit different to the female.

Me and my sister work togheter on this breed,
so we plan them togheter,as she helps me out a lot.
(this is my first true breed,not counting the C2 Glettins we made way back when I was a kid)

I think your'e breed look nice Papubuntu. ^^
Will be nice to see when you are done with it!

The head Issue is now solved it seem!
Verm made the agent of the Ca2DS bugfix one for me
(called as Bigger Sprite Allocation.agent).
I also was able to come to contact with the original creator,Dementchild
as well! So now thats part is solved!

I am going to try it now in C3 standalone and hope it will work there...
Otherwise I might as well return here perhaps...


United States  


feels weird my guess was correct, but i'm glad to see it's not hard-coded into the engine :D onward and upward with giant breeds i suppose!



i have like 80% of all the sprites ready, but slow down a bit, because need a genetic/coding/agent maker to customise all the other aspects

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