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I wonder why do people put purchasable Norns and other creatures into the 2017 norn packs Don't the packs cost money?
Sanely Insane

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  11/19/2017  1

The 2017 packs are simply genomes. They don't include the sprites for the mall breeds; if you were to try and hatch them without having the mall breeds installed, they'd look like another breed you did have installed.

Note: The underscore in my username is supposed to be a space - it's "Grendel Man," not "Grendel_Man."
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Grendel_Man wrote:
The 2017 packs are simply genomes. They don't include the sprites for the mall breeds; if you were to try and hatch them without having the mall breeds installed, they'd look like another breed you did have installed.

Also worth noting: They won't come with the special agent packs which the mall breeds come with. They also won't come with the Grendel Update.



  2/6/2018  1

A Very Explicit Post by Gulliver

I am Gulliver. I have been lurking on the "lazy and doesn't understand things" side of the creatures community since you oldbies were whippersnappers and you whippersnappers were still in the hatchery. Apart from Laura and Malkin. They're, like, from a time beyond time. I released the Gay Norns breed back, based on Jennie's work and did mac installer for C12DS which has probably now vanished.

Anyway, I bought the breed packs from CLabs back in the day. I even got an email from Lisa de Arujo because I was having trouble with something. She was helpful.

Astro Norns, Fallow Norns, Harlequin Norns, Siamese Norns, and Zebra Norns are available for free from a variety of sources.

Banshee Grendels, Bondi Norns, Hardman Norns, Magma Norns, Treehugger Norns and Toxic Norns cannot be distributed publicly, but members of the creatures of community are allowed to share them privately.

Informative Information on the Breed Packs
A "chichi genome" means the stock norns that come with Docking Station. They differ slightly from the C3 norn breeds in that they make use of portals, which were an important part of DS that, I think, don't work any more.

Astro Norns had the chichi genome and pretty starry sprites. I like the colours.
Banshee Grendels came with a patch that gave female grendels distinct voices, the banshee stone (which makes grendels feel at home) and a grendel toy. Banshee grendels have some unique genes and a nice new look.
Bondi Norns had a unique genome that makes them generally more chilled out and came with crobsters (little edible critters that live in water), a didgeridoo and a beach ball.
Fallow Norns had a stock chichi genome, diddy antlers and nice natural colouring.
Hardman Norns had a unique genome to make them more aggressive and a few nice agents, such as the chilli pepper pot and the awkwood creeper.
Harlequin Norns had a stock chichi genome and a harlequin checkered pattern on their coats.
Magma Norns had a slightly unique genome that makes them feel cold easily, so the desert terrarium is supposedly ideal for them.
Siamese Norns had a (slightly) feline look and colouring, but are otherwise chichi stock.
Toxic Norns were a challenge as they have an "upside down" set of needs. Poisons are delicious and fruits do them harm. They come with a few agents designed to help their survival, at a cost to other norns' safety and a unique scaley look.
Treehugger Norns have a unique, fragile genome and a selection of agents designed to keep them happy.
Zebra Norns were stock chichi norns with white and black stripes.

For clarity, you have to inject the agent file once via the hatchery/egg layer to unpack the sprites and be able to see the norns as intended.

These are in addition to the Chichi norns that come with DS and the Bengal (tigery), Bruin (brown) and Civet (black and white with yellow hair) norns that come with C3. There are also some spectacular breeds created by the spectacular creatures community that will add variety to your terrarium. Don't feel like you have to stick to norns; ettins are delightful kleptomaniac saboteurs with and grendels are like giant scaley kittens.

And then there are the alternative genomes, which change fairly fundamental things to the "basic" genomes (for the better, in my opinion), such as CFE, CFF, CFG, gizmo, TWB and evo genome types... but that's another thing entirely. The CLabs genomes were, arguably, a bit too self-sufficient and instinct driven and generally changes have been made to encourage teaching and raising of norns, grendels and ettins and making use of their complex AI. In short: the newer genomes make things more difficult and that's more interesting.


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If anyone would be willing and able to share their mall breed repository (all 4 breeds, plus Banshee Grendels would be great, if possible) I'd be grateful. Please contact me via PM about it, though, obviously.

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Hey, thanks for that mac installer. It's still floating around. Been a lifesaver.



You can open the Windows exe files with 7zip and pull the files out.

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7zip is a windows program... :p

(you can get it working from source, but that's neither here nor there)

I know they're self-extracting zips now-- But I didn't then, and neither do a surprising number of people. (Same trick works on the Creature Labs breed installers, for anyone else reading. If that hasn't been covered in this topic already. I don't know how to read.)




xan wrote:
7zip is a windows program... :p

Derp. I remembered using on Linux so I assumed it was on Mac too.




Hi, I recently returned to the Creatures universe after many years away. I'm currently playing C3/DS and having a grand old time, but I was sad to see that the Mall breeds are no longer available. Is it possible that a good samaritan could reach out to me privately and help me out? Thanks!



I've always wanted the Toxic Norn pack and that would be all that I ask for. I know people can't post about the files publicly. If someone would like to share with me through private message, I would like that very much.




Does anyone out there have the mall breeds? Anyone at all? I miss them so... I had bondis and hardmans back in the day, but that computer was so old it didn't even have a USB port, so my copies died with it. Would love to play with them again, especially the treehuggers


United States  

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  6/18/2018  1

Hey! Getting restarted with all my Creatures games on a new Laptop ( the old one finally fried out [nsad]). If anyone's got the Banshees and all the other mall breeds that aren't in the OP, I'd be really thankful for a PM so I can start fresh.

The Crafty Shee & Co.

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