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Better Albia v1.2 (Click to enlarge)
Better Albia v1.2   C2   GimmeCat | 6/13/2015  log in to like post  1

The default world, only... better!

Download here

This is a Room Editor template. It attempts to fix almost every major complaint and bug that exists in the original world, including:

* Steep walking surfaces that babies/crawlers struggle with
* Rooms incorrectly visible through some solid floors
* Narrow elevator shafts causing enormous pain to lift riders
* Fenced cliff edges incorrectly allowing creatures to fall great heights and become injured

A full list of edits is included in the zip.

This file requires the Room Editor, which can be found here. Please check this post for the registration information needed to install this app.

Recommended: To further prevent creatures getting stuck on doors by the volcano and terrarium, inject the 'Two Door Update' from the Bunch Stuff pack found here.

Includes some image examples of specific areas of improvement.

Update 1.1: An outdated version was included in the original upload, which may have some odd room boundaries. These have been fixed. You can update an existing world by re-downloading this file and following the same install procedure as before.

Update 1.2: Some minor additional fixes. You probably won't notice any difference.
Elegnaim | 5/13/2017  log in to like post

Regarding the volcano... I noticed that room 167, the bottom right corner of the volcano, is linked both to the room immediately adjacent to it as well as to room 105, which is the potion room. I noticed similar issues with norns wallbonking endlessly in the potion room (and these were norns which otherwise don't wallbonk).

I removed the link between 167 and 105, as well as the links between 167, 105, and the room between them. Also made the edge between 167 and the room next to it a wall. This seemed to fix the issue. I think just breaking the connection between 167 and 105 would be enough to fix it, though.
Missmysterics | 5/6/2017  log in to like post

Not sure if it installed correctly. I tried it and my creatures still get stuck in the bottom-right corner of the volcano.
GimmeCat | 10/13/2015  log in to like post

Sounds good to me. :) If you make a thread about it I'll be sure to take a look and add anything I think might be relevant. It sounds like you could explain it better than I could.
Yme | 10/13/2015  log in to like post

I'v never bin able to find that COB again ither. The only trace of anything this guy made, that I could find, was in an object description, where Zap was mentioned because the COB had incorporated one of his COBs, that lets creatures walk off boats, instead of being stuck in them.
There is also an e-mail adresse there, and with a ton of luck, the guy is still using it after over 10 years.

Maybe we should make a thread about it, and see if we could get help from others that might be able to figure out what sort of bug this is?

Anyway, thanks for looking into this stuff, GimmeCat! I'm a graphics artist, so if you ever need any hand drawn sprites or something like that, just give me a shout :) I don't work in 3D though, so my stuff would probobly look best in C1 and 2.
GimmeCat | 10/13/2015  log in to like post  1

Edit: I looked into the bells thing. That's some sort of object bug, and outside the scope of this file. I have no experience with compound objects so I don't think I could fix it if I tried.


I do know what you're talking about in the desert area, and I scrutinised every inch of the world down that verticle problem-line. I found a couple of incomplete room links, and fixed them, but this had no effect on the bug, and weren't likely to have caused any other issues. As far as the world layout is concerned, it should work perfectly.

I can only think that the bug must have something to do with the world wraparound point. If there is another explanation, I'm afraid I don't know about it. The answer is in that COB you mentioned, so if you ever find it (I looked for it myself but no dice), please let me know!

-File updated to v1.2 to fix some minor room linkages.
Yme | 10/12/2015  log in to like post

The bug was never fixed in any of the official patches. You are probobly reffering to the patch that states it fixed the wraparound bug, but the wortld wraparound point isnt actually in the desert. Its over at the volcano, and that part of the world used to have a similiar bug untill the patch fixed it :)
That's at least what cyberlife told me, when I contacted them about this back in the day, when C2 was new. I remember it like it was... well, not yesterday, but 15ish years ago, maybe? ;P

Test it out for yourself. Make a Norn follow your hand from the left part of the desert to the hanging bridge, and see how your Norn just suddenly turns around when your hand reaches the point where the bug is. Or make him follow a toy or something. You can use the kits to see that he is still looking at your hand, or the toy, and his brain is still telling him to "come hand" or "push toy".

Are you sure the bells are fixed? I know you put in a wall there, so the Norns wont drown, but the bells themselves are bugged, so when creatures try to look at them, they try to look at a spot up in the sky instead, then just walk left, passed the bells. They simply arent able to look at, or interact with them in any way.
You can test this aswell, by getting a Norn over there, and tell him to look at the bells.

I could make a video, demonstrating botrh issues for you, if that would make it easyer :D
GimmeCat | 10/12/2015  log in to like post  1

The pond issue you mentioned is already addressed in this file. :)

Edit: The only thing I could find about the bug you mentioned in the desert is something that was fixed in the first official exe update. If you're still experiencing this bug, make sure your game is fully updated.
Yme | 10/12/2015  log in to like post  1

Thanks for looking into it, GimmeCat! This really is an annoying bug, and it makes life hard for the Norns, aspecially when they try to get out of the swamp area there.

There are some other bugs like this, including one where creatures will look at the sky and drown themselves, if they try to look at the bells by the underground frog pond, so if you are interrested, I could write up some more stuff for you :)
GimmeCat | 10/11/2015  log in to like post

I will look into the bug you mentioned. Thanks for the detailed feedback! :)
Yme | 10/11/2015  log in to like post

Took a quick look at it now, with a new world, and it happens when you inject the first part of the plato project ( ) in a world with the Better Albia updates.

When this happens, you cant drop anything in the litle path where the lift is, or make anything pass through, though it only has this effect in the midle floor of the elevator path, in the room where the incubator is.

The plato project isnt a good combo with you'r fix anyway, as it makes bridges to and from the treehouse, where you have put up barriers for Norns not to fall through the fences.

Thee treehouse get's more use, and Norns spread out and use the world more actively with the plato project installed, so it's a bit sad that the two arent compatible.

Btw. I have a suggesteon for a "better albia" feature, that would make Norns travel a bit more.
At the lift on the left side of the incubator, there is a bug that makes Norns walk the wrong way. If they see something they want on one side of this point, and want to walk towards it, they start walking the other way. You can test this by making them walk towards your hand at that point. It persists in a verticle line all the way from the top of the world to the bottom... I had a COB that fixed this ones, but it's lost in time, and nowhere to be found (it was made by Zap, many years ago).
Is this something you might be able to fix? The bug sort of traps Norns in the desert, untill they are activilyt thinking about "walk left" instead of aproaching an object on the other side of the bug. It allso gives Norns problems getting to the teleporter in the cellar, and getting the first powerupp on the midle floor there, as they just start walking the rong way.

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