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New ChiChi Starter Parents   C3DS   Arnout | 10/2/2015  comment  log in to like post  4

typeGenetics Only
Replaces the DS starter parents with two CFF ChiChi Norns. Place the .family files in your DS My Agents folder. They're not suitable for use with C3.
Bengal Starter Parents   C3DS   Arnout | 10/2/2015  4 comments  4  log in to like post  3

typeGenetics Only
Replaces the Creatures 3 starter parents with two CFF Bengal Norns. Place the .family files in your C3 My Agents folder. They're not suitable for use with DS.
CFF 1.1 Breed Pack   C3DS   evolnemesis | 9/25/2015  3 comments  3  log in to like post  6

typeGenetics Only
By popular demand, here is a pack of updated egg agents for all the CFF basic DS breeds which also include the brain changes from the Evo Norns. This will give them more curiosity and tendency to try random things, as well as making them susceptible to the effects of tryptamine (Chemical 130, found naturally in Amethyst Berries).

Also includes an updated Evo egg agent with longer lifespans more like the earlier games... These Evos will live around 9-10 hours, but the DS breed conversions in this pack have the normal lifespan, since lifespan changes aren't exactly a fix...

Pack contains updated agents for: Astro Norns, ChiChi Norns, Evo Norns, Fallow Norns, Harlequin Norns, Siamese Norns, Zebra Norns
CFF Free Breed Pack   C3DS   evolnemesis | 9/20/2015  1 comment  1  log in to like post  7

typeGenetics Only
This pack contains egg agents for the CFF conversions of all the free mall breeds (Not all pictured, and sprites not included, so if you want them to look right, make sure you have the official breed installed and have hatched at least one of each sex from your game at some point, so that the sprites are sitting properly in your 'images' folder):

Astro Norns
Fallow Norns
Harlequin Norns
Siamese Norns
Zebra Norns

Pepper Norns   C3DS   CeruleanSilver | 9/19/2015  comment  log in to like post  7

typeGenetics Only
A Magma Norn to CFF conversion based off the Evo's genome, so instead of being 100% Magma they also have the oddities of Evos.

While working with the Magma's genome I noticed many randomly added in boosts of anger to make them "hot headed". Instead, I've increased the rate they convert fear into anger, similar to the Aliens. I've also left out bone damaging effects of coldness. These guys will see the Ettin Desert as home, and actually get a little boost of warmth for being around the desert or an Ettin Home smell.

On top of the 1.0 CFF penalties to making antibodies, Magma's become colder, so keep these guys warm if they're sick!

They use the Magma and Treehugger sprites. Egg agent included along with a starter pair, Serrano and Naga.
Evo Norns   C3DS   evolnemesis | 9/13/2015  8 comments  8  log in to like post  9

typeGenetics Only
Sprites: Civet, Bengal, Magma, Zebra
These are the official Evo breed, with the full CFF genome AND modified brains with some cool new features!:

Their creativity has been amped way up. They have a lot more random thoughts of odd things to try with objects, mess with more objects on their own, have a slightly shorter attention span, and overall are just not so set in their behaviors as other C3 Norns. They act much more like Norns in previous games in how they behave and interact with things, but they are still good learners. Watch out... like the Norns in earlier games, these are very likely to try to mess with bad things they don't know about yet, like weeds and detritus and beasts, at least before they learn better.

Also, Chemical 130 (injected, or found in certain berries) has a special effect on their brains... It makes them see random things... all kinds of phantom objects which keep whizzing around randomly. The effect and strength of the visions varies by dosage... but it completely wears off in a couple of minutes. Given a full dose, they will immediately sit down and start staring, totally obsessed with one particular very stimulating imaginary thing they saw or some weird action, until it starts to wear off, then at lower levels of the chemical they start moving again, but tend to look around a lot, shift attention a lot, and say 'look' a lot. Asking them 'what' they are doing when under the effects can get you some strange answers, like 'push toy' when they are sitting still and there are no toys in sight.
Alien Norns   C3DS   evolnemesis | 9/3/2015  4 comments  4  log in to like post  6

typeGenetics Only
These strange gray feral Norns were discovered on an unknown planet... How they got there is a mystery... They seem to be related to The Lone Shee's ChiChi Norn strain, but they look and act quite differently. They use a modified CFF genome and have several differences from normal Chichis. Their coloration can also make some really interesting green or greeny-gray mixes with other breeds (most turn a nice alien green!).

They do not recognize Grendels, and have no aggression or flight instincts related to them, making them great to raise with friendly Grendel breeds... The big threat on their planet appears to have been some kind of beasts, and they will fight beasts... Their planet seems to have been a rough place... They have a quick anger response when threatened, have much longer lifespans (up to about 10 hours), and are a little more resistant to injury. They're used to a natural existence... They think of the jungle as home, and find the rest of the Ark and Capillata alien but interesting... They also don't recognize the hand, and may be a little shy of it at first.

They have never seen toys, gadgets, or machines before... they find them a little interesting, like some kind of weird flora they've never seen before, but don't have an obsession with any of them like others... They get the same enjoyment any other Norn does from playing with them though, so they can learn to love them... They like plants and flowers, and really like critters and bugs, both to play with, and to eat when necessary. They also eat fruit and seeds like other Norns, but don't recognize 'food' items... They will get nourishment from 'food' just the same as any other norn, but it just doesn't look or smell quite like any food they are used to. They may have to be coaxed to try it at first until they get a taste for it.
RKDM Breed Pack 3   C3DS   Riakodoadm | 8/29/2015  1 comment  1  log in to like post  2

typeGenetics Only
A pack full of mostly unusual genetic breeds, including the fruit-loving Magicmelon Norns, the hand-"loving" Kirayo Norns, the spammable Living Color Ettins, and the less spammable (and difficult to raise, really) Metalcolor Ettins. More information on each one can be found in the included text file.

Between the four breeds, they require the following sprites: C3 Ettin, Poodle Ettin, Vampyre Grendel, Treehugger Norn, Bondi Norn, Toxic Norn, Zebra Norn, Siamese Norn, Tilynn Norn.
CFF Frost Norns   C3DS   Arnout | 8/28/2015  4 comments  4  log in to like post  4

typeGenetics Only
These are like your average Frost Norns; however, this time they have been updated with the latest CFF changes, and temperatures no longer have any influence on their Bones organ. I've also included an egg agent.

Required sprites: Magma.
Critterslapper Norn   C3DS   Riakodoadm | 8/27/2015  2 comments  2  log in to like post  5

typeGenetics Only
Exactly what it sounds like; candy-colored Norns that are angered by critters, and let out their anger on said critters! Other than those urges, they're normal Norns based on the CFF genome. They use Bondi, Magma, and Harlequin Norn sprites.
Marsh Norns   C3DS   Arnout | 8/26/2015  1 comment  1  log in to like post  7

typeGenetics Only
A resilient type of Norn that is less receptive to injuries and immune to lethal poisons. However, poisons also take longer to leave their bodies. They feel at home in the Grendel Jungle.

Base genome: CFF ChiChi (1.0)

Required sprites: Magma, Hardman, Bengal, Bruin.
RKDM Breed Pack 2   C3DS   Riakodoadm | 8/25/2015  comment  log in to like post  1

typeGenetics Only
Oh look, a long-overdue upload!

This breed pack contains some... very colorful Norns and Ettins. I think the Candyorange ones are supposed to be the more normal type, the Candylemon ones are less friendly, and the Cottoncandy ones are more friendly. I'm sure it won't make too drastic of a difference, though. Right?

At this point, I've forgotten what sprites they all use, but because they're so brightly colored it probably won't make a difference...
CFF ChiChi Norns 1.0   C3DS   evolnemesis | 8/23/2015  3 comments  3  log in to like post  5

typeGenetics Only
These Norns are the culmination of a community project to improve the C3/DS Genomes and to fix many of their problems, such as incomplete biochemistry, broken drives, instincts, and chemical reactions, and unused neurons and stimuli. The goal was to put back everything from previous games that was missing in C3/DS and more, to allow them to live up to the full potential of the C3 game engine and their more sophisticated brains and biochemistry. They have 80+ changes, including over 60 new genes and a new organ and brain lobe that help regulate their hunger.

See the project thread for details.
Coyote Norns   C3DS   Arnout | 8/23/2015  3 comments  3  log in to like post  2

typeGenetics Only
These Norns are flawless Hardman/Magma crossbreeds.

Base genome: CFF ChiChi (0.9)

Required sprites: Magma, Hardman.
Water Norns   C3DS   Arnout | 8/23/2015  1 comment  1  log in to like post  2

typeGenetics Only
Aquatic Bondi Norns with a swim bladder organ.

Base genome: CFF ChiChi (0.9)

Required sprites: Bondi, Aqua.

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