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Graveyard Gargoyles   C3DS   KittyTikara | 10/30/2016  5 comments  5  log in to like post  7

typeGenetics Only
Graveyard Gargoyles are CFF norns who have spent to much time around a haunted graveyard. As a result, they are immune to fear and don't shiver when cold. Spending so much time in a graveyard has also given them stone-like abilities like being more resistant to being wounded, living longer, and a rather nice grey color. They also started sinking like rocks, so they became amphibious.

So basically they:

* are CFF and amphibious
* are immune to fear
* live as long as Bondi norns
* are slightly more resistant to being wounded/take more hits before dying
* don't shiver when cold

Ivrogne Akamai Canny Norns   C2   TheDrunkenNorn | 10/29/2016  8 comments  8  log in to like post  4

typeGenetics Only

(Installation instructions may be found within the readme)


The Ivrogne Canny Norn is a variant of the Akamai Canny Norn (Lis Morris, Chris Double), and as such it should breed normally with other Akamai Canny variants such as the Flora Norn. However, it includes some changes from the base breed...

1. Ivrogne Canny Norns have JayD's Anti-Wallbonking edits built into them.

2. Ivrogne Canny Norns do not get punished for increases to hunger, boredom, NFP, sleepiness, or tiredness.

3. Both Male and Female Ivrogne Norns seek mates when they are sexually matured (Instead of only males searching).

4. Ivrogne Canny Norns have been designed to be better breeders than their Akamai Canny counterparts.

5. Ivrogne Canny Norns' needs accumulate more slowly, meaning that they are physically more capable than most other Norns at survival.

6. Ivrogne Canny Norns are fed faster, and they are much better at digestion than Akamai Canny Norns.

7. Ivrogne Canny Norns have more effective rests than Akamai Canny Norns, needing to sleep less often.

Ivrogne Canny Norns do not come equipped with new sprites, however their skin is colored red (Deep red for males, light red for females).


Lis Morris and Chris Double (Akamai Canny Norn)
Grendel_Man (Improved Akamai Canny Norn)
JayD (Anti-wallbonking Edits)
Venithil (Instruction and guidance)
TheDrunkenNorn (Ivrogne Canny Norn)

Special thanks to Venithil. Without his guidance, I could have never figured out how to make this breed the way I desired.

Extra Note: If you prefer the base sprites, don't worry! They've been included as well.

Dodgy Norns   C3DS   Doringo | 10/16/2016  1 comment  1  log in to like post

typeGenetics + Sprites
authorLacota and C2BMike
The Dodgy Norns are a breed of colourless Chichi norns which are included with Creatures 1 to Docking station.
Opera Ettins   C2   DisasterMaster | 9/9/2016  comment  log in to like post

typeGenetics + Sprites
authorAlien (Sprites), NornenMeister (Sounds, Genetics)
This breed was originally planned and started to be created by NornenMeister but while going into retirement for a while, he decided to cancel the project. So Alien finished this breed in the frame of her Pimp my Breed action with a brand new sprite concept and with the Original genetic files and sound files from NornenMeister. Opera Ettins have new voices based on opera sounds. Male looks a bit like the "Phantom of the Opera" and the female got a somewhat more glamourous costume with stars in her hair. Maybe to attempt to be a Queen of the Night?
Emerald Norns from Hell   C2   DisasterMaster | 8/26/2016  comment  log in to like post

typeGenetics + Sprites

Desert Norns from Hell   C2   DisasterMaster | 8/14/2016  comment  log in to like post

typeGenetics + Sprites

Pixie Norns from Hell   C2   DisasterMaster | 8/1/2016  comment  log in to like post

typeGenetics + Sprites

Albia Gray Norns from Hell   C2   DisasterMaster | 7/16/2016  2 comments  2  log in to like post

typeGenetics + Sprites

Butterflyfish+Florafish Norns   C3DS   Riakodoadm | 6/23/2016  1 comment  1  log in to like post  5

typeGenetics Only
A random act of splicing turned into probably some of the brightest Norns you'll see swimming around your world. They're based on the Evo Norn genome, with a few tweaks to make them able to breathe underwater from adolescence (or from birth in the case of the Florafish norns), able to swim with the Swimming Agent from about the same age, and have stronger tendancies to play with/eat critters.
They're also kind of colortrue, although given the gender tinting differences in the Butterflyfish, you might just end up with a lot of purple-ish Norns.

They need the Butterfly Norn, Flora Norn, and Pearl Mermaid Norn sprites.
RKDM Breed Pack 4   C3DS   Riakodoadm | 6/21/2016  1 comment  1  log in to like post  1

typeGenetics Only
A pack of Norn breeds, with a curveball thrown in. Includes the semi-alcoholic Jaderald Norn, the hardy[citation needed] Bridgewalker Norn, the Ombre Bridge Norn (basically a reskinned Bridgewalker), and the questionable Dandelion Half-Norn. More information on each can be found in the included text file.

Between them all, they require these sprites: Bruin Norn, Bengal Norn, Civet Norn, Magma Norn, Treehugger Norn, Zebra Norn, Fallow Norn, Hardman Norn, Bengal des Neiges, Jungle Norn, Shee. And do keep in mind the usual geat-related precautions before you go filling your world full of Half-Norns!
CFF Flora Norn   C3DS   Riakodoadm | 6/21/2016  comment  log in to like post  1

typeGenetics Only
authorAmanora, evolnemesis, Riakodoadm
Flora Norns. Chichi CFF genome. You know the drill.

...Including my ability to not keep true to original genomes. I noticed the C2 version of the Flora Norns had a few extra quirks, so I tried to replicate them here. Notably, an affinity for the natural world and the ability to breathe underwater as well as on land.

You will, of course, need the original breed installed.

Also included is something I ended up making based on this genome, called the Coral Flora Norn. It isn't as colorful as another species named "Coral" out there, but nevertheless capitalizes on the "breathe underwater" part. It's not a gilled norn, but it does tend to eat critters more than most.
Amphibious Dragon Norns v.2   C2   DisasterMaster | 6/14/2016  1 comment  1  log in to like post

typeGenetics + Sprites
authorTrix & Kathira
The sprites of the Amphibious Dragon Norns were converted by Trix from Kathira's Dragons from Creatures 1. This version of the Amphibious Dragons use a by Kathira modified genome based on the 256er genome by Creature Labs. The Dragons have a life expectation of about 5 hours. They are already with 1 hour 22 minutes grown up. They are able to breathe underwater. An additional instinct tells the Norns that is good to drink something, when they are thirsty. The Amphibious Dragon Norns have gender specifc colors. This Nornbreed use Ettin slot R.
Aesir Ettins   C2   DisasterMaster | 5/21/2016  comment  log in to like post

typeGenetics + Sprites

Abyss Dragon Norn v2.0 Genfile   C3DS   Lurhstaap | 4/8/2016  comment  log in to like post

typeGenetics Only
It wouldn't let me edit the other upload, alas, so I'll just have to post this separately. I forgot to include the .gen file in the other .zip. So here it is, with the .gno file as well so the captions don't go out on you. The Pigment and Bleed genes are set on random color settings so if you use this you'll want to tweak those to your liking. (The shown Norn is from one of my breeding colonies rather than a gen 1 but she's too pretty not to use as the face for the breed on this upload. :P) In the future I'll remember to include this stuff in the main breed's .zip file.
Abyss Dragon Norns v2.0 TWB   C3DS   Lurhstaap | 4/6/2016  35 comments  35  log in to like post  1

typeGenetics Only
The new Abyss Dragons use the sprites of the original Draconian Norns and the Gargoyle Norns. Both must be installed for the Abysses to look right.

While not yet perfect (I doubt I'll ever consider them such since there will always be something else to tinker with), these guys are now good enough to release, I think. Let me know if you encounter any serious (or even not-so-serious) issues with them, please! The only major problem I know of right now is that the Artemia Sea metaroom tends to be too hot for them. Using the Heater on its chilling settings might help, but I haven't actually tried it.

Otherwise, they do great in the Hydro Nornterrarium, the Deep Abyss (of course), and the updated Aquanornia. I haven't gotten any other aquatic metarooms to work on this machine yet but I'm sure they'll do fine anywhere there is a sufficient quantity of prey and the temperatures aren't too extreme (though they deal better with excess cold than excess heat as a rule) - this includes terrestrial rooms. I have done much less terrestrial testing of them, but they frequently use the upper parts of the Aquanornia room and they seemed to do fine in Veridia the few times I raised them there, so you don't need to keep them in water at all if you don't want to.

As the title notes, this is a TWB version of the breed. I plan to do a CFF version as well to avoid the temperature-related issues, but I wanted both available and the TWB version is the more "true to concept" one anyway. So I did it first.

There is a text file with some care/feeding information in the .zip, and a WHOLE lot of export files representing various genetic colors. Some look rather similar but are still genetically different. There is one male and one female for each genetic color (which often look very different thanks to the differences in the underlying sprites). I recommend keeping them in groups of no fewer than four individuals, as they are highly social and get lonely more easily than normal. Also, do not be alarmed by fighting - they are tough and will not kill each other except in the most extreme circumstances (none of mine have ever killed each other but it's theoretically possible).

Please do not cross-breed or splice Abyss Dragons with other breeds (including version one Abysses) unless you are willing to deal with a lot of stillborns, sliders, and other totally nonviable offspring. They have new organs, deleted genes, and otherwise will not cross well with others.

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